Sol-Gel management includes industry veterans as well as world-leading scientists in the fields of dermatology, pharmaceuticals and microencapsulation. Years of applied experience, and deep cross-functional expertise equips Sol-Gel with unique qualities and capabilities.

Mr. Moshe (Mori) Arkin

Mr. Arkin, healthcare entrepreneur and a dermatology industry veteran, served as Chairman of Agis Industries Ltd. since its inception in 1983 until its acquisition by Perrigo Company in 2005 for $850M. After serving on Perrigo's board of directors, Mr. Arkin established Arkin Holdings – a family office through which he invests and navigates several companies in the healthcare industry. In 2014, Mr. Arkin acquired Sol-Gel, aiming to leverage his wide experience in both branded & generic dermatology in order to turn Sol-Gel into a market leader.

Dr. Alon Seri-Levy
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Seri-Levy serves as CEO and member of the board. Prior to founding Sol-Gel, he established the Computer-Aided Drug Design department at Peptor Ltd. Dr. Seri-Levy received his PhD in Chemistry summa cum laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed post-doctorate studies at Oxford University.

Dr. Ofer Toledano
VP Research and Development

Overseeing the development of Sol-Gel’s drug formulation and delivery systems, Dr. Toledano is an expert in micro-encapsulation with extensive experience managing R&D. Dr. Toledano was the manager of the Formulation Department at Makhteshim Chemical Works prior to joining Sol-Gel. Dr. Toledano received his PhD in chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Ofra Levy-Hacham
VP Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

An experienced specialist in manufacturing control, QA and QC management, drug discovery and regulatory affairs, Dr. Levy-Hacham directs Sol-Gel’s Quality Systems and Compliance Initiatives. Dr. Levy-Hacham, formerly the VP of CMC at HealOr Ltd., head of QA at Bio-Technology General and other pharmaceutical companies, received her PhD in Chemistry from the Israel Institute of Technology.

Mr. Kobbi Nir
Chief Financial Officer

Kobbi Nir has served as our Chief Financial Officer since April 2015. Mr. Nir has extensive experience in capital markets, finance and business development.  Prior to joining Sol-Gel, Mr. Nir served as Arkin Holdings' CFO.
Mr. Nir, a certified public accountant, began his professional career with Ernst & Young. Mr. Nir holds an M.B.A from IDC, Herzliya, a B.A. Degree in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University and a B.A. in Political Science from Haifa University. 

Mr. Haim Bar-Simantov
Chief Operating Officer

An industry expert, Mr. Bar Simantov leads Sol-Gel’s pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, supply and commercialization processes. Mr. Bar Simantov, inventor of several patents related to drug products, provides enormous practical value to the successful operation of Sol-Gel. 

Prof. David Avnir

David Avnir is a Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he received all his academic qualifications and where he held, among others, the positions of Head of the School of Chemistry, Head of the Institute of Chemistry and Head of the Graduate School in Experimental Sciences. His current scientific activities include sol-gel organic hybrid materials and biomaterials, organically doped metals, and theoretical and experimental aspects of chirality and symmetry. Professor Avnir is one of Israel’s most cited chemists, and has received several awards including The Israel Chemical Society Prize (2011), placement on the Hebrew University's "Wall of Innovators'' (2012), and the Life Achievement Award of the International Sol-Gel Society (2013).