Competitive Strengths

  • Diverse late-stage branded product pipeline with observed clinical benefits and favorable tolerability profiles. We have leveraged our knowledge of the dermatology market to establish a pipeline of diversified late-stage branded product candidates with the potential to address the need for improved drug therapies. We have observed favorable clinical results for our branded product candidates that have completed Phase II trials.
  • Proprietary, silica-based microencapsulation drug delivery technology platform with broad applicability. We leverage our innovative silica-based microencapsulation drug delivery technology platform in the development of each of our branded product candidates. In addition, we believe our technology platform provides us with the potential to develop additional product candidates that can overcome the limitations of currently approved products for multiple skin diseases.
  • Efficient FDA regulatory pathway for our current branded product pipeline. We expect the review process for TWIN and VERED to be conducted according to the FDA’s 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway, which permits us to rely, in part, upon the FDA’s previous findings of safety and efficacy of an approved product. Silica, which forms the basis of our proprietary microencapsulation technology platform, is an inorganic inert excipient that is contained in other topical drug products approved by the FDA.
  • Diversified pipeline of generic drug product candidates and established strategic collaborations. Our product pipeline includes six topical generic product candidates across multiple indications. We have established collaborations, including with Perrigo, to efficiently develop four of our generic product candidates.
  • Comprehensive and broad intellectual property portfolio. We maintain exclusive, worldwide commercial rights for all of our branded product candidates. If patents issue from our patent applications, our branded product candidates, TWIN and VERED, will have patent coverage until 2032, 2030 and 2032, respectively.
  • Experienced leadership team with proven track record. Our leadership team has extensive experience in the development and commercialization of dermatology drug products. We believe that our leadership team is well-positioned to lead us through clinical development, regulatory approval and commercialization for our product candidates.