How Sol-Gel is Responding to Covid-19


Our Drug Delivery Technology

Silica monomers and drug substance are emulsified together

Silica monomers migrate to the oil/water interface in a well-controlled process

A silica shell is formed

Sol-Gel is a chemical process whereby amorphous silica, or other metal oxides, are made by forming interconnections among colloidal particles (the “sol”) under increasing viscosity until a rigid silica shell (the “gel”) is formed. A drug substance is added during the sol-gel process in a patented technique, by which a core-shell structure is formed. The drug substance is in the core and the silica is in the capsule shell. At the end of the process, the capsules are in the range of 1-40µm and cannot be felt on the skin.

Ongoing research is being conducted to evaluate if the delivery technology can be utilized to improve the tolerability of topical drug products.

The technology creates a protective silica shell that exists between the drug substance and the skin to help control the release rate of the drug. Research is also being conducted to develop novel fixed-dose combinations of two or more otherwise unstable drug substances.