Harnessing dermatological innovation for transformative outcomes

At Sol-Gel, we’re committed to elevating treatment paradigms by developing breakthrough solutions for rare skin conditions.

As tenacious problem-solvers at the core, we channel our passion for dermatology and seasoned industry experience to deliver innovative treatments for rare skin conditions that surpass the current standard of care.

Our focus lies on optimizing therapeutic potential—from identification to implementation.

We IDENTIFY and DEVELOP promising dermatology assets, leveraging deep expertise to ENHANCE their trajectory, and ultimately DELIVER innovative formulations to patients who need them.

A formidable pipeline

Our lead candidate is a topically applied patidegib gel designed to prevent the development of new basal cell carcinoma (BCC) lesions.

Advancement in a range of rare skin conditions

We push the boundaries of medical dermatology to develop treatments for rare skin conditions, with a focus on Gorlin syndrome, pachyonychia congenita, and other hyperkeratosis-related indications.

Leaders of a new dermatological era

Motivated by a vision for better patient outcomes, we leverage our knowledge to address complex challenges and advance novel solutions.

Partner with Sol-Gel

Together, we can accelerate advancements in dermatological treatments for patients with unmet needs. For partnership inquiries, send us a message on our Contact page.

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