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Novel Drug Delivery Technology That Enables A Controlled Release Profile

We believe that our proprietary silica-based delivery system improves the tolerability of topical dermatological drug products by entrapping drug substances in porous silica microcapsules. This entrapment creates a protective barrier between the drug substance and the skin and controls the release rate of the drug substance.

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Improved tolerability

The silica shell can be designed to form a barrier between the active ingredient and the skin.

Enhance Efficacy

The silica shell can be designed to release the entrapped drug such that efficacy is maintained or enhanced.

New drug combinations

The silica shell can be designed to slow down cross interactions and thus shelf life is increased.

Potentially eased regulatory barrier

Silica is approved by the FDA as a safe excipient for topical drugs.

Our Product Pipeline

Sol-Gel develops a diverse pipeline of innovative topical skin medications, some based on proprietary microencapsulation technology that may provide more effective treatment and better patient adherence and outcomes